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Levi Hill IV

Levi Hill IV

Levi Hill IV

Since 1940 the Miller has played an important role in Augusta’s entertainment history. But you have to go back a long way to discover when Augusta’s theater life first began.

It was in 1798 that Augusta’s first theater was built on the banks of the Savannah River at 4th Street. After it burned in 1833 another theater was built and then another, and then yet another… And the story goes on until February 1940 when downtown Augusta saw her last grand theater open, the Miller. By this time the city had been home to over fifteen theaters! I guess you could say that we Augustans have “grown up” with theater and the arts.

The Miller is one of the country’s finest examples of post-Depression architecture known as Art Moderne or Streamline. Since her closing in 1983, this handsome structure has stood tall on Broad waiting for a time when life would return. We’re marching closer to that time.

The architects for the Miller renovation are entering an important phase of their work called Design Development and after that, the Construction Document phase. These segments will take a number of months to complete, and as we continue our progress I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the many volunteers and committees who’ve been overseeing the path forward and also to our donors and supporters for enabling this grand endeavor.

Even in its current state, the Miller is a cool place to see. And as the SOA enters its 60th season, there will be a number of opportunities to visit the Symphony’s future home and better understand how the adjacent building (710 Broad) will be joined with her to create a true center for music, arts and music education.

Hope to see you there.


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  1. Good afternoon!

    I would like to speak with someone who could help me in the process of rehabilitating our theatre. It is the only historic theatre still standing in Columbia County. In my quest to getting this project started, I have spoken with Historic Augusta Inc. as well and look forward to any and all information your organization can assist me with.

    My specific questions for the time being are as follows:

    1. Are you a nonprofit?
    2. Was there a feasibility study performed before embarking on the renovation/rehabilitation of your business?
    3. Was it beneficial?
    4. Did it alter your original plan for the business?
    5. Have you used it to leverage grants/loans?
    6. Who performed your feasibility study?
    7. Would you recommend them or who would you recommend?

    I would greatly appreciate if you could take a couple of minutes to answer these questions for me or direct me to someone in your organization who can. This project has been in the making for way too many years, and it is my mission to complete it.

    Thanking you in advance for your help and consideration,

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